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Your listing makes a first impression with every project that considers producing in Oregon and keeps you in touch with the crew and producers of Oregon's industry. Listing makes it easier to get hired and stay connected, whether you work in film, video, TV, commercial, or interactive.

  • Listings in are vetted, meaning you are among only qualified and experienced professionals.
  • If you have credits in multiple categories, then you may increase your presence by listing in multiple categories.
  • Basic Listings start at $35.
  • Use a "Descriptive Listing" to tell your story, or list products or other searchable keywords.
  • Update your listing at any time to keep your contact information current.


Expand your business network in Oregon's media production community even further by joining OMPA. OMPA members who join at the Individual level and above get a $120 credit to purchase an extended listing, online logo, and a reel link at no charge! The online logo and reel link also elevate your ranking in the search results. See for even more benefits.

Add a listing between August 1st and November 15th to be in next year's directory. is published by the Oregon Media Production Association
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